Superior profit and revenue

PPC marketing is often the single biggest cost to any travel website and our tests have shown our software to save customers on average 20% on their CPA and PPC conversions are up 30%.

Free up valuable time for your
Digital Marketing Manager

Hours working on bidding and reporting tasks now takes minutes! This gives you time to focus on other key channels to online success: SEO, conversion rate optimisation, remarketing and many more.

Huge savings on
PPC management fees

Not only do we expect to save money on your PPC budget, our fees are a lot cheaper than the average Digital Marketing Agency or PPC Manager.


Intelligent, machine learning
PPC bidding algorithm

It is a myth in the PPC industry that there should be a fixed ROI or CPA target. Especially for the travel industry where there is no fixed incremental profit per sale when empty seats/rooms need filling or higher revenue/commission targets need to be gained. Our algorithm constantly reacts to market data in order to find the optimum ROI to correctly profit maximise, revenue maximise or strike a balance of the two.

In order to follow the correct micro-economic strategy of profit maximisation, revenue maximisation or a balance of the two; the optimum ROI must always be changing in order to react to constant changes in market variables such as seasonality, conversion rate, traffic spikes, average basket value and average profit margin - which directly affect the demand and marginal revenue curves.

Competitor software works to maximise sales volume from a monthly fixed ROI target set by the client which leads to significant levels of wasted PPC spend if the ROI is set too low or significantly reduced sales revenue if the ROI is set too high. Not only is the ROI target often incorrect, the target is based on under-reported conversion tracking data and incorrect revenue channel attribution.

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Combined use of user behaviour and conversion data

Our software makes bidding decisions based on a unique combination of Google Analytics (pre-sale) user behaviour data combined with Google Analytics (post-sale) revenue data and Adwords (post-sale) conversion data for superior results.

With the average travel customer making around 5-10 web searches over 10-20 days (before purchase), across multiple channels/devices/browsers and often clearing cookies; standard Adwords (post-sale) conversion data is often lost and therefore prone to under-reporting sales. For this same reason Google Analytics (post-sale) revenue data often attributes PPC revenue to the wrong sales channels (e.g. SEO, direct, social, remarketing…). Google Analytics user behavior data (pre-sale) is always accurate and very closely related to web sales - so can plug the gaps where post-sale data is limited.

Competitor software uses post sale tracking data only to make their bidding decisions – which is prone to under-reporting sales, incorrect attribution and limited data. This leads to significant missed revenue opportunities and overspending in the PPC campaign.

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Multi channel approach to

With the average travel customer making around 5-10 web searches over 10-20 days (before purchase) and often clicking on paid ads, organic links, direct website access, social media links and remarketing ads before making their purchase decision – most online revenue channels are extremely interlinked. Our software works to maximise profits and revenue of all your website traffic, not just your PPC sales.

Competitor software uses dated channel attribution tracking which aims to maximise tracked PPC revenue only; and doesn’t benefit the search engine marketing campaign as a whole.

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